Getting back on the board

We missed our target, but the journey will continue.

The Startup School Build Sprint officially came to a close, but despite getting so close, we missed our target.

We had four weeks to launch our MVP, and while we were able to build the UI and backend, we struggled to get it connected and ready for a live test with real users. We struggled with a few things, including building out a new dev environment and prior commitments that made our schedule tight. It stings to miss our goal, but I am equally happy that we made good progress and are seeing things start to come together.

There was a time in life when I did a little bit of surfing—seriously, just a little. It is an incredible feeling when you catch a wave and stand up to ride, but then there’s the other feeling of losing balance and falling over. As a beginner surfer, it was frustrating to lose balance so easily, but I was out there to surf and would get right back up on the board and paddle out for more.

Building a startup is hard, but it’s also a choice for me to be here. Just like when out in the ocean, getting beat by the waves was part of the process, and I’d keep getting back up. We missed a big target, but it’s time to get back up and keep on moving forward.

Note: At first I missed the weekend, but then I missed Monday as well. Here is another example of getting back on the board by getting this blog going again. I have to get that habit established!