Inspiration from others

Our neighbor pitched his company today, and seeing that gave me a boost.

I was busy with a number of things today, but wanted to post quickly about something that inspired me, which also happens to be related to yesterday’s post.

I am inspired by other entrepreneurs. Here is today’s story:

As we walked through the halls of Kiln during our first tour of the facility, I looked for company signs that I was familiar with. One of those happened to be a startup called Freeplay. We also happened to move in right next door to them, but something felt weird because there hasn’t been any sign of activity from their office over the past few days.

Then I remembered that they had been selected as one of eleven startups for this year’s Techstars Sports accelerator cohort, so I thought that maybe they were away for the summer. When I went to look up the program website, it said that their demo day was today! I was just in time to catch their presentation, but as I searched for Freeplay I couldn’t find their name from the demo day list…

Come to find out that Freeplay has pivoted into Move Ollie, and I love their new business idea!

[Check out their demo pitch here]

The COVID pandemic hit Freeplay hard, but their team persevered and appears that they have come up with an idea that’s even better than the first. I have so much respect for their grit and I am very eager to see how they do going forward.

The move to Kiln is already paying off. I’m inspired, and I’m excited to see what other stories and interactions I’ll experience in the coming months!